Welcome to The Heritage Schoolhouse

Before we even became parents, we knew we wanted to homeschool our children.  we wanted to ensure our children were being educated in an environment that treated education as the gift it truly is, rather than the obligation most kids see it as.  We wanted to cultivate a lifelong desire for our children to continue to ask questions and learn, well beyond the age of 18. We wanted to educate our children on century’s old methods and skills that break their reliance on outside influences to fulfill basic daily needs, and empower their independence. Encourage and foster their God given curiosity and allow it to grow into knowledge and skills that they can pass on, ensuring this way of life continues. 


Our Three Focuses

Breathing life into old-fashioned skills

Bringing all the skills of the  past to modern day.  Learn not just the “how” but the “why”. Educate your kids on why these age old skills remain valuable and should be learned.

Teaching children about regenerative agriculture

As stewards of the land we work, teaching our children the methods and benefits of regenerative agriculture ensure its viability for generations to come.

Educating the next generation on nourishing food

We understand now more than ever the importance of a whole natural diet.  Work along side your littles as they learn for themselves the value of their food choices!

What you can expect...

Homestead Themed

Resources that immerse children in the lifestyle of living off the land, this includes lessons on where their food comes from - like processing chickens

Open & Go

Complete & ready to go unit studies allow you to spend more time connecting or learning and less time planning. 

Biblically Focused

An emphasis on the seasonal beauty of His creations, and scripture based resources highlighting God and His presence on the homestead.

Made for All

Perfect for "homestead-dreaming" families or those simply wanting their children to know where their food comes from and how to make healthy food choices.

Interactive Learning

Topics & lessons often include hands on and fun activities that bring up thought provoking conversations and stir not just children's curiosity to learn, but parents as well.